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Providing Individuals with Trusted Estate Planning Legal Forms

At LegalLightning.com, we’re striving to provide our customers with quality, self-help, and convenient legal documents. At LegalLightning.com, there is no wait for your documents to be mailed to you. Our comprehensive document creation process allows you to fill out your form online through an easy-to-use interview style questionnaire. Once you’ve completed your form with the help of our document creation process, your personal document will be ready to save as a .PDF and printed. With LegalLightning.com, you will have the ability to recreate your documents and make changes after you purchase them. Each legal form will also come with signing instructions to ensure proper execution and validity of your legal form in your state. 

Our document creation process is a quick and convenient way for you to create personalized legal documents. Within minutes you’ll have an estate plan catered to your specific needs and wants.

General help sections, definitions, and our FAQs section are provided throughout your document creation process.  Since no two matters are the same, it may be important for you to contact a local attorney for more specific advice regarding your unique situation. Accordingly, an Attorney Directory containing contact information for attorneys experienced in estate planning in your area is provided as a reference. Attorneys listed in the Attorney Directory are not associated with LegalLightning and any engagement with them is by consent of the user and the contacted Attorney.  LegalLightning is not a lawyer nor is it a law firm.  LegalLightning and any content on its website does not constitute legal advice and is not a substitute for actual legal advice from a lawyer.   

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